Not too long after my (Megan) trip to Europe I went on a cruise to the Caribbean with my husband's company. We ported in Puerto Rico and I instantly fell in love with it! Puerto Rico reminded me so much of our beloved Hawaii. Good food, sunshine, surf, sandy toes, crazy hair- the whole bit. Puerto Rico (in my opinion) is like an Americanized Latin America. It really is the best of both worlds!
We stayed in San Juan for the weekend before we boarded the ship. San Juan is the oldest city on US territory. The historic section of San Juan, Old San Juan, is famous for its narrow cobblestone streets and brick buildings that date back to the 16th century. It is a beautiful city to explore with lots to do!
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7 comments on SAN JUAN

  1. so pretty! I hope to see some more pictures!!!!

  2. I'm glad my lovely little island treated you well... I miss it!

  3. sounds AND looks ideal! viva puerto rico!

  4. Loving your beautiful blog! Yaaay, I've included it in "10 More Beach Blogs You'll Love" on

    Happy #traveltuesday!


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