don't want to keep buying metro passes and tired of walking everywhere?
the velib bike system is your new best friend. it's so easy and convenient!
follow our three simple steps to ride these famous gray bikes around paris!
1. buy a subscription online or pay at the bike station, but don't expect your international card to work on their machine. click here and choose the option that suits you best!
2. type in code at bike station and pick your bike or slide your subscriber card over the card reader. 
3. when the light turns green slide your bike out of its automated lock and follow the bike paths. destination: paris, france / rental cost: 1.70 euros a day or 8 euros a week / activity: bike rentaleach bike has a handy basket, lights, and a bell. there are hundreds of bike stations in paris and thousands of bikes, so you can come and go as you please! just remember you can only ride the bike for free under 30 minutes. don't worry, the bike system is available 24 hours. just don't be like me and get lost during the carnival when your time is up. my fun bike ride quickly turned into a stressful workout. have fun!
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5 comments on HOW TO: RENT A BIKE IN PARIS

  1. haha! i love this! what a BLAST! good pricing too!

  2. Yep velib is great, but don't forget that they hold 150 euros deposit during a week. I rented bikes with my card for me and my friends and they froze my bank account during 9 days :( It is always good to know !

    1. oh ya i forgot, thanks for mentioning that! how annoying ;)

  3. Looks like fun! I love the new bike rental idea that has spread around the globe! So lucky to live close to one in Montreal :)

  4. That looks so fun!! What a great little way to see Paris!


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