Destination: Paris, France / Location: love locks bridge / Price: lock cost around $3

 Remember our Valentine's Day plan in Paris here? Although it was too cold to prance around in a cute sheer dress, it was the most romantic Valentine's Day of my life! We started the day with a box of chocolates, ventured over to the Arc de Triomphe, grabbed baguette sandwiches for a picnic by the Eiffel Tower, and searched the city for the perfect lock! Well, we never found a lock store. Anybody know of one?

A friend had told me about the "love lock" bridge in Paris. It is a famous tradition where lovers go to lock away their love! I hear there is a bridge for committed lovers, and a bridge for just lovers. We went to the bridge located near the Louvre. It was easier to find than we thought it would be. We got lucky and found somebody selling locks on the bridge. My husband and I whispered sweet nothings to each other as the sun went down, and then we locked our love away. To complete the process you're supposed to toss the key into the river! That way your love can never be broken. It was the perfect way to end our Valentine's Day!

I am not the videographer of the triplets, but I do love a fun video. Enjoy and see more of our videos here
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7 comments on HOW TO: LOCK YOUR LOVE

  1. you guys are so dang cute. romantic. i LOVE this video! it is cute and different just for TT! i loooove!!!! i adore that cute little voice! oh my.

  2. This is probably the most perfect Valentines Day I've ever seen! Paris is the #1 place I want to go. Add my husband, locks, and food..sounds amazing to me!

  3. How have I never stumbled apon your site before?! This video is way too cute! I love the choice of song too :)

  4. What a smart business person to set up on the bridge! Cute video. Glad you had a love-filled day.

  5. love this megs. what a romantic and perfect day. and i love that tradition, so glad you did it. the video is to die for, i love you and drew!!

  6. Aww! There's a place in Seoul atop Mt. Namsan where couples also 'lock' their love. :)


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