over here at the traveling triplets we basically grew up camping. 
the three of us spent countless hours in the dirt playing with pine needles
and climbing trees in the woods with our families. every summer was spent
sleeping under the stars and talking late into the night around the campfire. 
we continue this tradition today. 

unfortunately, as we age we don't stay quite as cute when it gets late. 
we don't have that same adorable wrinkley nose, sleepy eyes and 
bed head (or should i say tent head) like we did when we were say, 6 years old. 
going 5+ days without a shower and messy hair and no make-up
doesn't quite suit us as well as it once did, but this doesn't stop us from trying.

for those of you ladies spending lots of hours in the woods (as you should be) 
and hoping to look somewhat presentable for those photo ops you're bound to have when 
having an adventure in the great outdoors, here's a few tips!

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#1 - hand sanitizer
we don't care what brand, just get it and bring it with you to the trails. you'll need it, because despite popular belief nature was born without a public restroom. if you're lucky, you'll be near running water (rivers, lakes and oceans that is). if you're wary of smells and scents for those bear-filled areas go with the unscented if possible, or a natural aloe scent.

#2 - the buff

remember me? yeah i'm awesome. i can do like 800 different things. if you stuff me in your pack, you're bound to find something to put me to good use. crazy hair day? check. flyaways? check. scrunchie broke? check. shielding yourself from the sun? check. hiding a bad zit? check. covering your mouth from dirt? check. you get the idea.

#3 - your favorite hat

i don't care what it looks like, just bring a hat. if you wanna rock the safari hat like the retired folk do, go for it. if you're into adjustable truckers, those work awesome. either way, ya gotta have your fave hat and i'm hoping you have one somewhere in your closet. i have like 3 million. i've been sporting hats since the diaper days and can never seem to get enough (speaking of, i need a new one).

#4 - unscented body wipes

baby wipes will do the trick for those showerless days. go for the unscented to avoid any fragrances in the woods that will attract bugs and other pesky critters. oh, and bears. they come in so handy for those days where you can't hit the showers - give yourself a good swipe down, if you know what i mean, and you'll be fresh as fresh can be in the great outdoors. 

#5 - unscented dry shampoo

enough with the unscented! but we're in bear country, people! this one is old school and does the same cool stuff you keep reading about on pinterest. pssssssssst! it's been around since the 80s. 

#6 - travel mirror

it's small. it's compatible. it's packable. it's a mirror. it 's perfect for your pocket to check in on that 
un-tweezed eyebrow of yours on day 5... and to manage those sneaky dirty face blemishes that like to show up unexpectedly. oh and to see your teeth. that is always a plus. but let's be honest here - who really gives a rip when they're camping what they look like? i don't - but then again, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. 

#7 - concealer

your color of choice super stay sealer. if you bring any make up at all, this will cover your bases. this is for those unfriendly pimples or zits or whatever we get on our faces. this guy paints it away with one tiny dab. a little goes a long way, and it's super small. perfect!

BAM. you're ready. 
camping you will go. and beautiful you will be.

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5 comments on HOW TO: CAMP LIKE A LADY

  1. this is hilarious i love it ky! great list! haha.

  2. i would also add a tinted chap stick!

  3. haha i love this too, great tips, i need that concealer one! this post made me laugh, its all so true. can't wait to camp again together sisters!

  4. Awesome! I will definitely have to try that brand of dry shampoo. Thanks for this post! Can't wait to go camping now! :)

  5. For us, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap and bandanas are on the list. We love multipurpose stuff!


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