Hello Traveling Triplets readers!

I’m Rachael, one part of the duo behind Let’s Be Adventurers. I’m from the US, he’s from the Netherlands, we met in Finland, live in Amsterdam, just got engaged in California and are tying the knot in Mexico next year! 
The Traveling Triplets have been one of my favorite blogs to follow especially since I too come from a family of multiples—I have a twin sister, my older brother and sister are twins, my twin sister’s husband has a twin, my fiancé is a twin, and his older brother just had twins!

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite travel experiences to date—the most exhilarating and laughter-infused moments we've been lucky enough to be a part of! Stop by our blog, say hi and follow us along the way. Check out some of my favorite travel experiences...

1. MOROCCO: Exploring Marrakech, Fez, and ancient desert cities and kasbahs while en route to riding camels and sleeping in the Sahara.

Morocco Travel Tip
Splurge on a riad, a typical Moroccan-style house centered around a courtyard, in Marrakech or Fez. They are stunning inside with candle-lit lamps, couches to lounge on and lots of Moroccan mint tea!
2. GREECE: Island-hopping between the Cyclades, hiking Mt. Zeus on Naxos, exploring Santorini by quad and finishing the day wine-tasting.

Greece Travel Tip 
Some of the best food we had were the hole-in-the-wall gyros, souvlaki and kebab stands around the islands!
3. ITALY: Hiking through the 5 villages of Cinque Terre with the Mediterranean below your feet.

Cinque Terre Travel Tip
Wear a bathing suit under your clothes, there are plenty of natural swimming pools in the sea below the trail…no towel needed, that Italian sun is HOT!
4. THE NETHERLANDS: Lounging on the canals in Amsterdam during the summer, and walking on the frozen canals in winter.

Amsterdam Travel Tip:
In the summer, pack a picnic and pick a spot next to the canal, it’s always a feast for the eyes. In the winter, bring a pocket full of euros, there are locals selling 1 EUR glasses of gluhwein and hot chocolate every 10 feet.
5. SPAIN: Flinging tomatoes at one of the world’s craziest food fights at La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain.

Tomatina Travel Tip:
Be on the early train to Bunol (6 AM), and once you get there, push your way through the crowd to a greased-up wooden pole with a dried Serrano ham on the top…the fight doesn’t start until someone gets the ham down, then the tomato trucks start shoveling out tons of tomatoes. You'll have a front row seat to all of the action!
Thanks for having me, triplets! And happy travels :).
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  1. that is so cool! love this! and wow, she has so many twins in her family that is insane!!!

  2. cool looks amazing, what beautiful places you have been! love this post and love that you are familiar and close to so many multiples! love your blog :)

  3. love this guest post!!! All of these photos make me want to jump on a plane right now! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Great guest post. Amsterdam is just half an hour away from where we live now..=)
    I like people who make the best of their lives!

  5. Those are fabulous photos! I will definitely have to check out her blog!

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