say hello to three little alien babies. good thing we had three big brothers to help take care of us! chase helped with lissy, jedd helped with me, and bridger helped with ky bird. bridger is the oldest brother and played the typical protector role in the family. he always had our back if a boy made us cry. chase is the second oldest brother and we turn to him for fun and entertainment! he makes us laugh. and then there's sweet jeddy. i swear he was born an angel so mom could handle the three of us. even though sometimes he was overlooked by three cry babies, he was always there to help. we love our big brothers! i think that's why we grew up wearing hats and skate shoes. we wanted to be just like them.

by the way, we're loving your questions and will be answering them this friday with our first vlog! if you haven't asked anything yet feel free to! it can be about traveling, being a triplet, or something personal as long as you're respectful. for those of you with questions about our religion our church is having its semi-annual general conference this weekend and you can watch it on tv or tune in here. we have enjoyed listening to the counsel of our leaders and hope you enjoy their inspirational messages as well. happy sunday!
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  1. we are so lucky to have such sweet brothers who took care of us! special special. meg you should show the family this post when you are home.

  2. Can't wait for the vlogs! And what precious brothers and sisters you are. Even today. Sweet, protective brothers and their lovely, strong sisters. Love!


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