Camping is one of our favorite pass times and thus, foil dinners are our fave!
We grew up camping and eating out of tin foil in the woods. It just feels right.
Not only do we have a sentimental connection to the food, but we also enjoy
the whole experience. In and of itself, it’s an activity that takes time to
prepare, time to cook, and gives YOU time to enjoy company of friends
and loved ones over a campfire. What’s better than that?

The best part is, it’s easy peesy!


1. Grab the foil. Easy enough.
2. Spread foil and create your lil patty. I use ground turkey, and it tastes
great. If you’re a more white meat type of gal, go for chicken. If you
only eat vegetables, try asparagus or something green.
3. Wash and chop potatoes, carrots, and onions to your belly’s desire.
No need for measurements here – it’s all about eye balling it. If
you’re like me with eyes bigger than your tum, you may have extras
for your pals. People who like corn can add corn. I am not a corn
person (thank you tummy flu in elementary school… ick). But this is
the fun part! Add whatever you like! Creation station!
4. Marinate the meat with worchestire sauce, Franks Red Hot sauce,
and some cayenne pepper, garlic salt and black pepper. It’s even
tasty to add a squirt or two of ketchup, if you’re into that kind of thing.
Dump whatever else you want all over the veggies.
5. Wrap in lettuce and cook. Easy as 1, 2, 3. You’re ready to put that
baby on the campfire. Cook side 1 for approximately 10 minutes,
and side 2 for the same. They cook fast in a hot fire, so listen closely
for the boiling inside! If you’re camping indoors and making a home
campout retreat, go ahead and pop it in the oven at 400 degrees
farenheight for about thirty minutes or until vegetables are soft.

If you’re like us and need to satisfy your sweet tooth after a tasty meal,
just go for that s’more and add a Reeses to it. 

Nobody will stop you. Thank us later.
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3 comments on TASTY TUESDAY

  1. DELICIOUS i want to do this this weekend with chasey. yum, thanks ky!!

  2. This looks great! It's been a loooong time since I've cooked over a campfire :) {besides s'mores of course}

  3. Yum yum yum, those reeses smores!


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