everything in paris was so freakin' delicious. especially the crepes and the chocolate waffles. somehow i didn't get any pictures of the waffles! probably because i ate them too fast. i think those turned out to be my favorite thing! it seemed every corner had a crepe stand just calling my name, and i never said no!
 on valentine's day we got ourselves a box of chocolates. i ate most of it. happy valentine's day to me! underneath the layer of chocolates were strange gummies so drew helped himself to those.
 my dream came true in this moment. eating a baguette by the eiffel tower. this baguette sandwich had ham and cheese on it and the bread was amazing! no better view for a picnic.
 oh my, here i am again eating another crepe. i usually go for the nutella and banana crepe, but i ate so many i started getting ham crepes, ham and cheese crepes, cheese and egg crepes, strawberry crepes, sugar crepes, and even lemon juice crepes! nutella is still my favorite, but at least i branched out!
 i loved watching them make perfect crepes with the cute little shovel thing to move around the dough. they warmed up the nutella and spread it on perfectly! i want one of these at home! 
 french restaurants always have these cute little chalkboard signs with a menu of the day. "gaufres" means waffles and they also had churros like the ones i was obsessed with in spain.
 pretty much after every sight we saw i ate another crepe. this one came with whipped cream!
 we found our way to the famous gelato place in paris, berthillon, and i had the dreamiest scoop of chocolate gelato in my life. i wish they filled the cone too, that's pretty lame.
you can't go to france without trying french macarons. tasty cookies with a fun cream inside. these flavors are strawberry, chocolate, orange, mango, vanilla and pistachio. duh, my favorite was the chocolate.
pretty sure that is the biggest nutella jar i have ever seen in my life!
 last but not least, this bomb sandwich kabob isn't even french. it's actually a turkish sandwich. 6 euros for this guy, french fries, and a drink. not bad paris. 

i'm pretty sure most of our europe budget went to food. mmmmmmmm!
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13 comments on TASTY TUESDAY - IN PARIS

  1. chocolate waffles? no freakin way. i need them in my life asap. so jealous of all the crepes!

  2. wow delicious, lucky you ! i want legit crepes! YUMMMMY!!!

  3. OH. My. Paris food is the BEST!! now i'm CRAVING a bright macaron. MMM!!

  4. holy crepe! that's crepe-tastic! crepetacular. deli-sh-crepe--us.

  5. 6 Euro for Kebab? Oh God, come to Poland, it will be 3 times cheaper here :P

  6. I am salivating. I go to Paris next week! i want the sandwich kabob!

  7. ALL of that absolutely looks delish. it's only 8 am for me right now as i write this, and i'd totally eat any and all of those things right this minute! yuummm.

  8. You are adorable, and what yummy food pictures...you are right, the crepes in Paris are delish! Glad you had such a lovely time! :)

  9. Did you try snails?? THAT is the question!!! :) :)

    1. we didn't! we heard they are amazing tho! so we tried them in the caribbean and they were delicious.

  10. Delicious! I never went hungry when I was in Paris. Nutella crepes were my favourite!!! :D

  11. I couldn't agree more — food is unexplainably amazing in France!


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