hey guys! it's us on our first day of kindergarten! like our cute bags and kleenex boxes? 
kylie couldn't stand matching so she threw on a radical jean jacket. 

anyway, we have a question for you. we are wanting to start "vlogging." for those of you who don't know what that is, it is video blogging. 

we think this can be a fun way to get to know each other! but to start out, we need your help. 

do you have any questions for us? any questions at all? 

we would love to answer them in our first vlog post! now is your chance to ask away and we will report back in a perhaps entertaining video. leave a comment! ok bye!
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18 comments on QUESTIONS?

  1. I don't know if this is too personal, or something you might not want to talk about on this site, but I'd love to hear you girls talk about your faith. I think your church is really interesting and I love hearing about people's experiences. So, I guess, what does being a member mean to you and how does it impact your life?
    P.S. your blog is the coolest!

  2. 1. So you all are married, and I would like to know how you balance being an individual while being a couple?

    Does that make since? I guess I am still getting used to being married and sometimes feel like I am either too dependant or too independent/individualistic (if that even is a word), and I would like to know how others feel about that, if you have any tips or ideas.

    2. Are there any cheap hotels/hostels in Anaheim, CA? I am going to a conference there in Oct. and don't want to break the bank (getting free entrance by volunteering, flying in two days early to save a couple hundred bucks, needless to say I am frugal).

  3. Anonymous, I was going to say the same thing! I'm still finding what I believe but I've been noticing a lot of ppl who belong to your church who blog and it's got me curious about the way you were brought up and how it's helped in your marriage. Also, I'd love to know what sort of places u stay at when traveling. And your favorite foods from other countries! Hehe.

    I know I'm a stranger to you but we're really all connected :)

  4. Id trip mom here : ) Is there anything you liked or didn't like about growing up as an id trip? Did you ever get teased over it or was it more like 'hey there's three of us and only one of you!'? Clue me in on what I shouldn't do or should do? Like matching clothes, I do it on occasion but I'm not a big fan of it. Also, I would love to hear from your mom and her experience raising you guys (maybe interview her!)? What would you think if you found out you were preg with id trips?...I think I could go on and on so I'll stop here for now : )

  5. I'm a triplet mom too—two id girls and one frat boy who just turned 1. I'd love to see an interview with your mom, that's a great idea!

  6. thanks for commenting on my blog! i've actually been to this blog a few times before. i love the bond that you and your sisters have, and i hope my boys remain as close as they get older.

    i just want to make sure i'm raising them right, so please tell us ID triplet moms what NOT to do! :)

  7. After you take all these amazing photos from you travels, where do you get your favorites printed at? I have so many pictures I would like to print, but don't think walmart will give me the prints I'm looking for.

  8. Where is your favorite and least favorite country?

  9. Did you all have different groups of friends growing up or did you stick together? Have you ever played tricks on other people by switching places? You all live in different places.... Do you talk every day? Have you ever gotten in a big fight? Gone 2 against one? Felt left out from the other 2 sisters? I was always warned about having close groups of three friends growing up (supposedly more drama) and wonder if that is an issue for y'all. Anyway I can't wait for the vlogs

  10. Couldn't help myself to ask another couple Q's...when did you realize you were 'special,' and how did you deal with that info? How did your parents explain it? How did you deal with all the staring growing up?

    Pitts Trips : )

  11. Oh yeah, when did you realize you looked alike? My boys are four, and still don't really "get it", but they do get annoyed when people call them the wrong name. :(

  12. oh yes! okay, let me think...

    1. Like Anon #1, I'm interested in hearing your perspective on your religion too! :) I hadn't ever heard much about Mormonism before I got into the blogging scene (despite growing up in a Christian environment). In some ways, Mormonism seems so similar to mainstream Christianity, but then (it seems) that there are some pretty big differences too! Anyways, would love to hear your thoughts on those (if you feel comfortable!).

    2. I remember growing up that groups of three friends were sometimes tricky because one person would often feel left out. Did you girls ever experience that?

    3. Would you three all wait until all three of you were ready to start having babies with your handsome husbands? Or does it not really matter if one gets pregnant first? Which leads me to my second question... when are fly babies coming?? :)


  13. What made you realize that your now-husbands were "the one" ?
    Which part plays Religion in your life?
    How old are you and what was the greatest year for each of you so far?

  14. 1. Can your relatives tell you apart?

    2. Have you ever played a prank by switching? If so, what did that entail?

    3. When did you discover your passion for traveling and how did that make an impact in your bond as sisters?

    4. Are there more multiples in your family?

    5. How did your parents react to the news of having triplets? What's their favorite thing/fondest memory of you three?

    6. do you have any other siblings?

    7. Since everyone is just as curious about your faith, how does your spirituality shape you when it comes to traveling?
    like, when you encounter other cultures, do you see them from your faith perspective?

    8. Did you know I can tell you three apart? Well, yeah. I can. haha

    9. How old are y'all?

  15. Oh yeah, and
    10. What's the birth order?

  16. Can't wait to be interviewed! Love the questions being asked by what seems like genuinely caring and interested people. Meg list her voice a couple days ago so it was a no go then (course I always looked droopy since we were basically playing and hanging out with grand any Harper and her mom Megan Danielle). Maybe well get to do it tomorrow when the fam comes over :-)

  17. Sorry bout the typeos above. Baby keyboard on iPhone not so friendly about making corrections. I meant lost not list, and baby not any ... Hmmm...and whatever other boos boos I made, please forgive...

  18. Hello there! I've been following Kylie's blog for quite some time now and have just recently started reading up on TT. You guys have been on some amazing adventures! I love that all three of you LOVE the outdoors! I'm a big fan of camping and hiking. My question is how do you freshen up when camping for a few days? My hair is my biggest concern as it gets oily after only a day. It makes me feel really grimy. I have tried dry shampoo and this might sound silly, but I'm scared to use too much of it in active bear areas. They might smell all that product in my hair! What do you guys do to keep your hair feeling relatively nice when camping?


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