First Time's a Charm!

Lets face it, the trips like to surf! Looking back to our "first times" is hilarious for sure, and we all immediately loved it! Kylie took on the adventure for the first time on her honeymoon in the dark waters of Costa Rica. Megan took on surfing for the first time in beautiful Costa Rica as well, on a fun trip with her husband. Lastly, I, Lisa, took on surfing for the first time in the beautiful clear waters of Hawaii. Luckily, we were all able to stand up the first time! Wahoo! But not gonna lie, being from Idaho and all, we were all slightly scared of waves and the idea of lurking sharks. You just NEVER know! Pretty freaky to a novice surfer. We like to focus on what is above the water, not what may be beneath us. Unless it's a cute lil' turtle, nothing beats swimming with those guys!
We are the visitors afterall :)!
 Oh Hawaii surf, how we love you :) We encourage EVERYONE to get out there and surf. Especially if you live on the ocean. If you don't, take a surf VACATION! If your travels take you to a beach town, please remember to enjoy the ocean. Surfing is an unbelievable feeling, especially when you are new to the ocean. It is beautiful, crisp, exciting, fun, and challenging. We recommend using a soft top long board (8-11 ft) for the first time. It's like riding a boat, and much easier to get up on than short boards. The longer the board, the better for beginners. Also keep in mind that surfing is something that takes years to get good at, so don't get frustrated and give up!
Wahoo Ky is cruisin! Ky did very well her first time surfing. Her husband Spencer took her out, and they found the perfect board for her to learn on. As a beginner long and small (under 4 ft) waves are the best. Catching white wash is pretty typical for beginners. So be sure to check the waves and make sure they are safe for novice surfers. Tip: get to know the ocean before you try and master it!
Megs learned to surf in Costa on a fun Central America trip with her husband Drew. She was lucky to find a really cute pink Roxy soft top to rent. Perfecto! As you can see, she was a happy girl and immediately fell in love with the ocean and surfing. 
I learned to surf on a fun vacation I took to visit Ky in Hawaii in 2010. Ky was a good teacher :) This trip is what sold me to move to Hawaii and finish school. I fell in love with the island and of course the ocean. Surfing for the first time takes a lot of patience, so keep that in mind. You get a nice upper body workout too, a nice bonus! 

Now go out and SURF!

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6 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. best post ever. best days ever. makes me so happy and smiley. SUCH good times in the water! xoxo

  2. SURFER BABES!!!! i really want to learn this summer. i live to close to the ocean to not know how to surf.

  3. you girls are just too hot! If we ever meet our blate must be a surfing one fo sho. I can't believe I've never surfed yet I was born and raised on the west coast of Puerto Rico, one of the main surfing spots. Silly silly me.

    1. i am in rincon right now and LOVE it! we went surfing yesterday and today, so fun! except for the scary coral and rocks, haha.

  4. You guys are awesome! My husband has a company trip planned this summer that will be taking us to Hawaii, and I am so excited to try surfing! Most likely will fail miserably, but enjoy it I will! This post just made me all sorts of excited!


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