Being a triplet we always sorta had this weird "fame" thing goin' on.
Of course we're not famous or anything near it, but being an IDENTICAL triplet
with two other "yous" walking around makes you stand out whether you ask for it or not.

In public people stopped and stared. Stopped and pointed. Stopped and stared some more.
We'd get all kinds of questions in malls, shopping centers, school, events, or anywhere in public.
And I'm talkin' real important stuff, like "do you share underwear?"

People wig out when they realize they really aren't seeing triple.
There's been many of those "ah ha!" moments when you see the light bulb turn on
and their eyes light up when they realize the rumors are true... there are actually
THREE LIVE separate beings that look the same. Gasp!

Recently I ran into some Traveling Triplets fans at church. It was pretty funny.
This is my paparazzi moment with Jake, husband of Emma at Notes She Wrote.
You can read more about getting caught starstruck in Emma's words at her blog here!
We love our readers and all our fans! Thanks for the love, and never stop. We like you.
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10 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. Mu hubs made the blog!! Wahoooo :)
    I bet that is pretty crazy getting so many "stops & stares"... You 3 handle yourselves so well :) You pretty much are celebs :)

  2. I know i'd be one of those people who stop and stare if I were to see you three out in public! (In a nice way, not the rude-kindof-stare!) Wish I was a triplet!

  3. Hahaha that's funny!! Growing up I always wanted a twin, but two of me? Now that'd be a dream come true. lol
    Sharing underwear tho, um not so much ha!

    Hope you girls have a wonderful weekend and a safe St. Patty's day :)

  4. Oh are you LDS? I'd recognize an LDS chapel anywhere, and you are for sure in one! :D

    1. ha! yes we are all three LDS :)

    2. Ah no way! That's so awesome :D man alive. So cool!

  5. this is sooo funny!!! I love Jake's face in this picture :)

  6. ha ha. I'm starstruck every time I see one of you. And when I see all three of you together?! Wowza!


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