Megan, Lisa and Kylie - 2007, 19 yrs old

 sometimes on this little travel blog, we don't get too personal.
we like to keep things pretty fun and light around here. 
but, you see, that's not always the case. 
it's not all Eiffel towers, surf trips or repelling waterfalls.
life is full of adventures but it's also full of hard stuff.

when you're a triplet life can be especially tricky. 
we're identical sisters with a bond so deep you really can't imagine it,
unless perhaps you yourself are a multiple of some kind.
there's a connection there that cannot be broken.
living apart in three different places is a trying experience.
not a day goes by that one or all three of us just wish, wish wishes
that things were different for us.

A common sight in Triplet-dom. Kylie, Lisa, Megan - 2007, 19 years old

we slept in the same crib.
same beds. shared the same drawers. same jobs.
we did it all. together. and when life took us down diverging paths,
we grew up. a lot. and we also grew slightly apart.
but not in the way that you're thinking - because believe me,
if there's one thing we've mastered it is "staying connected."
hence the creation of this blog, and a million other little things.

Kylie, Lisa, Megan - 2007, 19 years old

google+. skype. texting every 5 minutes. long phone calls. face time.
we even comment on each other's facebook walls, photos and blogs.
as if we don't talk enough already? it is a constant flow of communication
and never broken - not even when we are in transit or living abroad. 
this is what we do. we stay connected.

Kylie, Megan, Lisa - 2008, 20 years old

for some reason this morning i was listening to a band that my sisters and i 
loved growing up in high school. it took me right back to those golden moments
cruising in our geo prizm on long summer days driving into the sunset with our shades on,
music blasting and jitters for cute boys. we were always up to something.
the three of us would jam to our favorite tunes, and a few songs we deemed "ours"
forever and always. to this day, i still remember the way i felt in that moment 
and every time i hear those songs, i re-live it no matter where i am in the present.
this is why music is special. this is why creating bonds with others is vital.
this is why staying connected to the people you love is so important.
Kylie, Megan, Lisa - 2006, 18 years old

and i guess all this goes to say, one simple thing.
stay connected. to the people you love. like. need.
if something has happened in your life that has sent you down diverging roads,
created grudges that you can't seem to shed, or caused some kind of tragic drama
that you just can't let go of... try, try, try today. 
let go. reconnect. forgive. heal. restore that relationship.
get back to your roots and remember why you love(d) that person.
 remember the good times and focus on how you can make the future better, as well.
we can't afford to lose the people we love the most because of our own pride.
sometimes all it takes is that first step of courage to forgive, and the tables turn.

if there's one thing we can't do in life, it's turn back the time.
i want to look back at my life and know that i gave it my all.
that when i recognized a mistake, i tried to fix it.
and that no matter what happened - i loved, and felt loved in return.

have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. i loved this ky! brought back happy memories for me too. gosh, the bandana phase went from 18-20 hahahaha! anyway. i love you and lisa so much! can't wait to reunite again!

  2. love this ky, beautiful. love my sisters!!!

  3. I wish I knew that sister bond :( I hope I can have at least two little girls so they can grow up with a built in best friend. Love you all :) And cant wait for you to all be together again soon!

    1. katrina, you have me! yaaaaaa! hahaha. love you!

  4. Amen sistah!!!! I hope a certain older sister of mine reads this!!! It makes me sad I haven't talked to her on the phone for over 8 months probably, sad sad, it is so important to stay connected especially when you live 36 hours away from home!! Okay enough of my sob story, love you cous!

  5. traversing waterfalls? Id really like to see some evidence of that if its true

  6. Really sweet. I'm going to call my sisters and tell them all I love them. Thanks For the post! You girls are all wonderful. I love all the love you have for eachother

  7. it's the beauty of your soul that keeps me coming back to trail your adventures!


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