remember my sexy cousin alice? well, she made paris sound so dreamy and guess what? it really is dreamy! i was so happy to see her and meet her flatmate and handsome boyfriend. we had fun exploring paris together. honestly, i was a little nervous to meet up with her. she knows english well but i was still worried about the language barrier. turns out there was lots to talk about! we even ordered the same chocolate dessert. i think if i lived in paris we could be good friends.

a day exploring paris with alice started out at sacre coeur and exploring the bustling cobble stone streets of montmartre. i couldn't pass up the crepes and gelato, maybe she is used to it. we went on to find the famous moulin rouge theatre and pompidou museum. the pompidou is alice's favorite building in paris. alice studies architecture and is going to be an architect someday! she appreciates even the modern buildings in paris among all the beautiful old ones. she went on to explain how all the mechanical systems are color coded by tubes on the outside of the building, leaving plenty of open space on the inside. the views from this place are stunning! we visited the museum and ended our night eating at a delicious old parisian restaurant.

after i hugged alice goodnight slash goodbye, a feeling of panic surged through me. she had just finished telling me how her favorite site in the united states was the grand canyon. will i ever see her again? did we do enough? i hope she had fun too! all these silly thoughts... and then i had to remind myself. we are so lucky to have had this day together.
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  1. this all looks fantastic! I am so glad you got to spend a day with your sexy cousin! how wonderful!

  2. meg this is so sweet :) so glad you got to have this special day with our smart and artistic french cousin alice! so beautiful!

  3. love this sis, such great memories

  4. I know that the real Moulin Rouge can't compare with what I've created in my head based on the movie, but I'd love to see it in real life anyway!


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