while we were in nice
we decided to take a day trip
to see the tiny country of monaco.
it cost 4 euros each to take the bus,
and we got to see several beautiful 
beach towns along the way. 

monaco is smudged between france and italy.
lots of money floating around in fancy cars,
shopping, sail boats and yachts.
i took that last picture for my mama (brenda)
and a ferrari happened to pass by. 
hi mom! don't mind the yellow ferrari!

the streets were lined with orange trees
and the casino was just as cool in real life
as in the james bond movies.
if you're feeling fancy,
a trip to monaco is quite dreamy.
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5 comments on A DAY IN MONACO

  1. it really looks amazing, megs. and you are so super cute! i sure adore you cutie pie!


  2. Looks awesome! Love the pictures <3

  3. Ah! I was just in Monaco! It's so lovely there!

  4. I love these photos! I will be in Monaco for a day in September and if it looks half that good I'm sure I'll love it.

  5. I'm definitely feeling fancy now hahaha... I trip to monaco it is! come with me girls... and bring your boys, we'll quadruple date ;)


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