we only had a few days in southern france,
so our relatives showed us all their favorite villages.
these villages included monfort sur argens, cotignac, 
entre casteaux, carces and vins sur caramy.
we learned quite a lot about each village.
i wish i remembered everything christian and jacqueline told us.
some villages were known for their narrow streets and stairs like this one.
others were known for their old and lovely chateau.
often times just one family gets the whole castle to themselves.
i wish i could live in a castle!
this is a vineyard near our relatives home.
they are part of a hiking club and get to see this everyday.
no wonder everyone wants to move to the south of france!
each village has a fancy fountain with a neat story behind it.
this particular fountain represents the four seasons.
some fountains are used for drinking water,
and some for washing clothes- even to this day.
this village was amazing!
people actually live in that cliff,
kinda like on avatar! see the house over there?
sneaky people. probably have dare devil children.
oh just a lovely view of cute houses!
there was snow when we visited (mid-february), 
and that is rare for southern france.
my relatives weren't very happy about it!
a cool building wrapped up in vines.
this village had the cutest tiniest apartments 
that i can actually afford. but moving a couch up 
those windy streets doesn't look very fun.
this place is special.
our me'me' (grandma) loved to paint here.
christian and jacqueline said one day they all three sat here painting the same bridge.
it was interesting to see how different their paintings looked afterward,
and made me want to hug my grandma and kiss her cheeky.
this village is known for this lovely garden and chateau,
as well as the building below. the garden was designed by
someone special, but i suck at being a tour guide so just take my word for it.
if i lived here i would act like i'm jane on pride and prejudice
and ponder love all day long and get lost in that neat-o maze.
right across the castle and garden above,
is this building with colorful painted windows. 
could you tell? not real! got me you tricky frenchies!
a lovely viewpoint from atop a village in an old castle.
doesn't this place make you want to paint?
or fall in love? or just sit and be happy?
here's a tempting olive from the olive tree.
remember? don't eat it!
for olive oil only! everything in france
seems to make olive oil in some neat old fashioned way.
this is another popular spot christian and jacqueline like to paint.
they said they pack cute little picnics and sit here painting
for 5-7 hours! what a work day huh? 
another castle being cool and castle-y.
did you know angelina jolie and brad pitt have a chateau
in southern france? we drove by it and there
were body guards out front. it was funny.
i learned bridges were built with those little triangle thingies on the sides
for people to stand when horses and carriages passed, cool huh? 
now we just build wider bridges! problem solved.

it was quite charming to prance around french villages
and pick up a bag of baguettes for dinner. 
just like i imagined southern france!
perfectly perfect.
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  1. I spent a month in SE France in the Alps.. SO beautiful. You captured these charming little villages wonderfully!

  2. looks so beautiful! I would love to go southern France :) I've been before but it's been a really long time!

  3. So charming and lovely. I wish we could all go back with Meme, don't you?!

    1. yes totally, that would be AMAZING!!! we should try, seriously!

  4. wow. i love this all. just like me'me'. as i read this post i had that ingrid michaelson song you and i playing in my head. gosh it sounds amazing. everything you wrote in describing it is exactly how i would feel haha i loved it. so pride and prejudice like an artsy.

  5. This post makes me homesick for France :) I studied abroad there (Paris) and spent my spring break on the cote d'azur. So gorgeous.

  6. these pictures are so lovely! I've always wanted to visit France, & not I want to even more! :)

  7. Such a cute travel blog. Are there really three of you?! Hahah the tricks you've probably played. I will keep checking back!

    1. yes, it's true! there are REALLY three of us :) identical triplets! definitely a blast.


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