we have landed in barcelona, and wow it is freezing! i wish i packed 9 winter coats. besides that, we have been loving this gorgeous city! before i get into the fun stuff i want to tell you a few things you might like to know before planning your budget friendly trip.

we booked apartments local people rent out through the awesome website airbnb. we figured this was easier to plan ahead of time and save us money in the long run. most hostels are around $30 per person, so we figured for more space and privacy this was a good decision. thank you internet!
destination: barcelona, spain / accommodation: $60 per night

check out this beautiful flat! we were so pleased when we saw it in real life and feel right at home. our host was nice and helpful too! this place oozes with style. i love how they make every ounce of space count, and double the oven as a heater for example. we are located in the hip gothic quarter of barcelona near the plaza. it's pushing 3 am right now and the streets are still buzzing with noise. 

as soon as we got settled in, we went out to explore! we have been walking everywhere and using public transportation. we have found the "t-10" metro pass (9.25 euros) to be the best deal for your money because we can both use it for 10 rides. we didn't worry too much about transportation ahead of time, although i have heard that works best for some. 

also, my husband may know spanish but a lot of people speak english here. sure there are several tourists, but it's safe to assume people will understand you. barcelona is a very fun and friendly place to visit, and stay tuned for more on spain! 
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5 comments on HOW TO: SAVE $ ON PLACES TO STAY

  1. meg this place is dope. jealous to the max. live it up sissy!

  2. thanks kate for the tips! we took your advice and went to barceloneta today, it was beautiful!

  3. Thanks to this option I would most likely opt for renting out an apartment over a hotel/hostel. Thanks for sharing this darling! It might come in very handy in the future :). Hope you are having the time of you life!

  4. So exciting to think you're here! (I live here).
    Be sure to check out Barceloneta - it's the fisherman neighbourhood built in the XVIII century. Also right next to the best urban beach in the world :)
    The restaurant Maians (Carrer San Carles 28) is one of the best places to have "Arroz Negro" which is a sort of paella made with squid and its ink.
    The neighbourhood of Gracia, in the north metro stop Fontana, is super quaint with teeny tiny bars. Check out the Plaza de la Virreina wth its church in the centre.
    Of course, the gothic area is already so beautiful with its narrow streets and charming little nooks and crannies, but you're staying there!
    How fun to think I might bump into one of my favourite weblebrities :)

  5. !Tu apartamento es fantastico! :) I'm drooling over the floors.

    I'm sure you're having a lovely time in the flat and out of it! How fun to be able to explore such a beautiful city...a friend of mine served his mission in Barcelona and the pictures he sent me were incredible. I'm sure you're going to capture some awesome images! Have a great time Megan!!


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