Car Rental: Avis / Car: Small 2-door / Price: 200 euros / Location: France

After our adventure in Andorra we rented a car in France. We booked it ahead of time online and paid with card at the airport when we picked it up. It cost us 200 euros to have this cute little guy for six days! I was secretly hoping we would get the eco-friendly smart car, but this was cute enough. 

We rented our car from the airport in Toulouse, France and drove it to Southern France to visit my relatives, up along the coastline to Nice and Monaco, and finally to Paris where we dropped it off at the airport. The drive from Southern France to Paris was about ten hours, so we stopped halfway for a break.

We had the option of getting car insurance, but it cost extra so we went without. Good thing nothing bad happened! We were nervous at first but it's not too crazy driving in France. Although we did notice French drivers seem to be "lane change happy" so don't be surprised if you get honked at. 

Another thing you might need to know about renting a car in France is driving on the highway isn't free! When we took the coastal route it was free and absolutely beautiful, but it took much longer. By the end of our car rental experience we spent 80.90 euros on tolls and 167 euros on gas. Our car got amazing gas mileage, but gas is very expensive and about twice as much as in the states. So be prepared with your cash and coins because half the time American cards don't work in the machines and people aren't very patient at toll booths.

Renting a car is a fun way to see the country at your own pace and enjoy villages and castles along the way. We highly recommend it for your own little adventure. Good luck and happy driving!
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11 comments on HOW TO: RENT A CAR

  1. Hey there! I love reading about all your adventures, far away (for me) or near, now that one of you is in Europe... Just for your information: I depends on the country in Europe, if you have to pay for the highways. In Germany for example it's free :)! Have fun travelling, Fee

  2. What a cute little car! The last time I was in France, it was three years ago, and the only car we were able to rent was this huge honker of a car! It was a little intimidating and scary to drive that beast in a foreign country!


    PS. I am *hopefully* sending some bloggers your way over the next week! I posted my first giveaway today and gave you girls a little shout out. :) (Megan/Meggie's Love is part of my giveaway! Thanks again, Megan!)

  3. What a fun way to travel! Never even thought about renting a car before!

  4. Your car looks like ours. A Fiat Panda? We loved it! Glad you enjoyed your LONG drive through the countryside!!

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