To our Megs:

Today is a special day! February 7, 2009 our sissy Megs married her best and hottest friend, Drew Hollenback! We couldn't be more happy for them. They are celebrating their 3 years of marriage nestled in the hopelessly romantic country of Andorra. Drew had many surprises up his sleeve (such as a spa visit) for his wifey to celebrate their special day, and what better place than in Europe?! They deserve the best. Happy 3 years sis! Stoked for your wonderful marriage and a rad brother in law Drew. Love you guys!

 Ky and Lis :)
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4 comments on HAPPY 3 YEARS!

  1. happy 3 year anniversary to one gorgeous couple :) How fantastic that Drew surprised her with a spa day...and in Europe!! *sigh* dreamy :)

  2. so happy for you meggie! :) it's true, we sure do love you :)

  3. thank you sweet sissies, except we were in andorra for our anniversary ;)


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