Nicknames from our Poppio

Growing up as an identical triplet, life is just a little different. For instance, you're really hard to tell apart from the other two. Everyone would find their own little secrets on how to tell us apart, and of course to this day this happens on a regular basis. But our dad, whom we call Poppio, always gave us cute lil' nick names! Some have stuck and carried through the years, and others have not (luckily hehe).

Snuggles with daddy! Lisa, Kylie, Megan

We don't remember this (obviously, we were children) but our mom, whom we call Mama Baby, told us that he used to call all three of us his 'Lil maggots'! Ewwww, right?! But our maiden name is Fly . . . so it makes sense. We are after all his baby flies! If we weren't the maggots we were sometimes called 'Snaggle tooth' in a kind and joking manner of course! So what, we had horribly crooked teeth (sucked our thumbs). That's why braces and retainers were invented! He also called us his 'lil munchkins', 'pumpkins', 'sweethearts', 'sweet peas', and 'sweetie pies'. You know, the daddy likes.

As we grew order to decipher between the three of us Poppio got a little more creative! He called Kylie 'Ky Bird', Lisa 'Lee Lee Bird', and Megan 'Meggie Lee'. And when we were babies we looked reallllly alike obviously. So besides color coding us through our clothes, earrings, and side of our head the bow sat on, he found other silly ways to differentiate between the three of us. My mom says they mostly called us by these names when they fed us in high chairs. No idea why, perhaps because we were all three in a line and the names rhymed? ;)

Kylie: Dumbo
 Ky has cute lil' ears that stick out the most and are just irresistibly pinchable

Lisa: Mumbo
I was really quiet and night and would sleep well (still not sure how Mumbo makes sense?)

Megan: Jumbo 
Megs was a wee bit bigger as a newborn by a tiny 2 oz! She must of had the best location in the womb ;)! And she had two cute dimples!

So there you have it! We are identical as ever and love sharing names, memories, and our lives together.


Dumbo, Mumbo, and Jumbo
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7 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. aww! i love it! :) i hope y'all are having a great week!


  2. ah lis, i absolutely love this :)

  3. cuties ;) miss all three of you girls

  4. aww this is so cute. I like freaky friday!

  5. hahahahaha oh no i'm jumbo! i hope i'm not jumbo forever! i don't blame poppio, if i had three little girls running around id probably call them all sorts of funny names too!

  6. megs you are not still jumbo, never think that non sense. we all the same size!! yay for sharing clothes! love you sis!!

  7. Oh my goodness, the cuteness in that picture is almost unbearable! You girls were (and still are) just too flippin' adorable :D


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