it was very cold in andorra...
so we warmed up in one of europe's largest spas! 
caldea is an indoor mountain resort spa
that even looks like a mountain.
we were able to spend 3 hours relaxing in paradise,
and it was worth every penny.
destination: caldea / entrance fee: 35 euros each / activity: spa

we swam around like little fishies,
laid under heat lamps on cool white wavy beds,
and got water massages for our achy traveling muscles.
the water is kept at the perfect temperature
so that you don't turn into a wrinkly raisin.
i think i sat in a hot tub for a whole hour.
come to andorra. they treat you real good.
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4 comments on CALDEA ANDORRA

  1. How lovely!! I have always really wanted to go to Andorra. I suppose it's an excuse to go back to Europe!

  2. ahh that looks so incredibly LOVELY. slightly jealous!


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