Barcelona has so much to offer you might not know where to begin. We were only in Spain for a few days, so if you're on a shorter schedule then we suggest these 10 things you must do and see! If you have more time then lucky you! We loved Barcelona and exploring its vast offerings. 
 Torre Agbar
The "cucumber" shaped building that looks real pretty when the sun hits it.
Christopher Colombus Monument
A reminder of Christopher's most famous trip while he points to his home city.
 Mercat St. Joseph
A huge public food market full of delicious goods near La Rambla.
La Sagrada Familia
Gaudi's most famous church still under construction, among his many other unique architecture sites.
Flea Market
After you visit the "cucumber" check out Barcelona's outdoor flea market for good deals on cool stuff.
 Camp Nou
If you're a soccer fan watching a game at Camp Nou is worth a trip to Barcelona alone.
Churros and Hot Chocolate
You already know how much I love these, remember?
Get away from the city and take a stroll on the beach to relax and watch the surfers.
La Rambla
The most happenin' street in town for food, shopping, night life, entertainment and fun!
Gothic Quarter
Famous for its narrow streets, get lost in the Gothic quarter and actually be happy about it.
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7 comments on BARCELONA TOP 10

  1. WOW - SO RAD. i wanna go. AWESOME pics, megs!

  2. I was sad I missed the market last time I was there. Parc Guell is also a really cool place to check out, especially if you like Gaudi's quirky architecture.

  3. wow. my jaw is literally dropped. wow. great job sis, youre taking great photos and documenting beautifully!

  4. i just moved to barcelona for a few months and loving it. my favorite is the gothic quarter and la boqueria

    1. that is so rad, nicole!!!! cant wait to follow your travels :)

  5. I studied abroad in Barna, and coincidentally I dreamed about it last night. Now I double miss it!


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