destination: camp nou / tickets: 43 euros each / activity: soccer game / food: 4 euros

on saturday we went to the barcelona game! we followed the crowds in the streets and through the subway all the way to camp nou. we showed up almost two hours early because my hub was antsy in his pantsy to see his favorite team play. it was amazing being there in real life! i was able to spy on the plays with my handy binoculars. if you didn't watch the game on tv, barcelona won 2-1!

i think i burned a billion calories at this game. it was freezing! my delicious baguette hot dog with fancy mustard did take my mind off dying for a bit. the game ended around midnight and we walked home like a herd of sheep surrounded by barca fans. it was fantastic. 
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7 comments on BARCA GAME

  1. i can't wait for the day i get to go to the barca game! so awesome, megs!


  2. wow. epic. my dream come true. but mine will be in brazil :) i need that hot dog!

  3. awesome photos! and "antsy in his pantsy" heehee :) Don't you love it when you see your hubs get SO excited about something! A soccer, err, futbol game in Spain! rock. on.

  4. this looks like SO much fun! i've never been to a real futbol game but i hear they are insanely awesome.

    xo the egg out west.

  5. how FUN! soo rad. what a memorable moment. i can't wait to do something similar someday! and that hot dog looks SUPERB. o yes.

  6. I experienced some amazing football moments when I was watching a La Boca match in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is a great photo essay. I feel like I was at the game :)


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