Sunday is usually the day we like to spotlight anything pretty or inspiring,
and who better than featuring architect Antoni Gaudi?
His work is either genius or that of a mad man.
I'm thinking it's a bit of both...
 Gaudi House

The Gaudi house is a beautiful polka dot building 
that is so unique you will want to take a seat and stare.
To avoid crowds go see it at night, it's amazing.

 Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is the infamous church that defines Barcelona.
A project that Gaudi started in the 1880s was interrupted after he died.
Since then it has been slowly under construction and remains unfinished.
I did not go inside because the line was ridiculously long,
but if you choose to I am sure it is absolutely worth every euro.

La Pedrera

Also known as Casa Mila,
La Pedrera is what I like to call the "wavy building."
It is known for its steel structure and curtain walls.
You can find this building not too far from the Gaudi House.

 Park Guell

This place is like an architectural candy land crawling with tourists!
Park entrance is free and you can take the bus or metro to find it.
While we were here it started to snow,
so we got shelter in one of his neat-o caves and buildings.
Can you see me?

 Gaudi lamps in Placa Reial

Gaudi made lots of cool stuff in Spain.
These lamp posts are just another.
You can find them in the Placa Reial near La Rambla.
They remind me of Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin.
I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

All the Gaudi sites are free to see unless you go inside.
Be sure to visit them when you go, too!
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5 comments on ADMIRING GAUDI

  1. I was seriously mesmerized by Gaudi when I went to Barcelona a few years ago. So beautiful! Loved looking through these pictures-- I want to go back! Happy Sunday :)

  2. omg Spain is in my bucket list because of Gaudi's architecture!

  3. WOW TAKE ME THERE! Gorgeous. you captured some great shots sis. love it. and youre adorable as always, your ombre looks amazing. jealous :) LOVE YOU SIS!

  4. WOW that place is amazing! so rad, megs! great photos. what cool art. i wanna live in a wavy house hehe. and i laughed at your face sneaking in that window hahaha. love you sweetie!

  5. Great pictures! I was in Barcelona last week too, admiring Gaudi. Barcelona is such an amazing city, isn't it?


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