2012 should be an interesting one.
Megan is living in Idaho, planning a trip to Spain and France.
Kylie just moved to the big booming film hub city of Los Angeles, planning to find herself a job and discover who she really is (seriously people, I'm lost).
Lisa is in Hawaii being tan and happy while finishing her last semester of college. 
The Traveling Triplets have good things ahead.
Wishing you a good start to your New Year's Resolutions.
That means put your sneakers on and start running.
Right? Regularly... right? 

Oh, and lest not forget - saving some pennies for that dream trip of yours!
Make it happen THIS year - 2012 - Traveling Triplets can help you plan along the way.
With three different personalities, you have some pretty good odds
at finding something you'll like.

If you're new to our site here at Traveling Triplets, 
please check out our categories page and where we've been 
to see what we're all about. And of course, get to know us over here first and say hello!

Cheers to a new year and new adventures!
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9 comments on WHERE WE ARE NOW

  1. i studied abroad in paris, so i didn't get to spend a whole lot of time exploring the rest of france :(. plus, this was about 6 years ago (time flies!) but here is what i can remember off the top of my head:
    -if you like museums, the picasso museum in paris is worth going to
    -montmartre is one of my favorite places in paris. go at sunset and bring some bread and cheese to eat at the top the stairs. beautiful!
    -in my experience (in paris), crepe stands are far superior (and cheaper) than the food you'll get at the cafe's. honestly, unless you plan to eat at really nice restaurants, your best bet is to eat at the walk up stands (like the crepe stands) or get food at markets/bakeries for picnics (there are tons of beautiful parks to eat at)
    -i personally enjoyed the south of france way more than the north. there seems to be more sunshine and the people just seem to be more laid back and helpful.
    -a helpful french phrase for ordering is "je voudrais..." (juh voo-dray with a rolled r).. meaning "i would like....". as in "bonjour! je voudrais un croissant s'il vous plait". i tried to use a lot of french but in paris at least, the locals knew i was american right off the bat and switched right to english. some people appreciated the effort though.... especially outside of paris, where english isn't as common!
    -the metro in paris is probably the best public transportation i've ever used. VERY reliable, though it is closed from 1am-5am. a lot of people stay out at the bars/clubs until the metro re-opens in the morning.
    -anyways i'm rambling on.... but i remember on my way to school each day, there was a mc donalds with a walk-through, and you could order beer. be on the look-out :)

    hope at least some of that is helpful... safe travels!

  2. ahh caitlin, i'm so glad you stopped by! good to hear from you :) things are slowly coming together for us here in LA but yes, slowly haha. missing the island sun - glad you can relate ;)

  3. i have never been to france, so i am very excited! any tips are welcome :)

  4. just found your blog....a definite follower! i LOVE this! y'all are too cute. hope y'all have a fabulouso weekend!


  5. Loving your blog! I just moved back to LA (grew up here) from Hawaii (the big island)....so I can relate to some of your adventures :). I can't wait to hear how things work out for you, Kylie! It is tough to get started in LA but hang in there. And Megan, have you been to France before? The basque region is amazing! And of course, Lisa, I'm totally jealous. I miss riding my scooter down the coast line and eating all the yummy foods offered at the farmers market in Hawaii!! I miss it! Best wishes to you all!

  6. im a new reader and have loved eveything so far! i love travelling, but my bf and i are saving for a house this year...so likely no trips for us :( i will live vicariously through your stories! thanks for sharing. allison

  7. Sounds like this year will be so amazing for all three of you... here is to this year being the best yet! ;)

  8. oh thank you so much! but why, am i special? heehee.


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