Tasty Tuesday: Husband Edition

So to add a fun twist to our usual Tasty Tuesday posts I decided to let my hubby in on the fun. Not that he is excited about it or anything, but my sisters and I thought it would be fun. I mean, it's not every day the husband decides to cook right? So why not give him some glory! So here it is. My (Lisa's) husband Chase Rondo's edition of manicotti noodles.

Stuffed Manicotti


box of manicotti noodles
marinara sauce

Directions in Chase's words:

(Chase) Well we had some noodles so I decided to boil them up. I wanted meat too so I cooked some sausage  and mixed cheese in it. I added some seasonings and then stuffed it all in the shells. Then I put some red sauce on the top with more cheese, gotta have cheese. It was good.
(Lisa) So, that pretty much sums it up :) Simple right? No need for much detail. Whenever Chase cooks at home he tends to never measure, add what he thinks tastes good or just looks good, and amazingly they always come out delicious. A nice change from my "exactness" in cooking. Oh boys, so funny they are!

Dont forget to add a side. Veggies of course!
Thank you Chase, most excellent cook in the works :)!
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5 comments on TASTY TUESDAY

  1. Your Chase cooks like my Chase cooks. Spontaneous and delicious.

  2. these look yummy! I am impressed! Go Chase!

  3. lisa - i love this idea. i want spence to do one now, since he does a LOT of cooking on our end! we do it together a lot too. very good idea and this looks so delicious. and you guys are so cute. and i want those veggies asap.

  4. haha hey i cook just like chase! that sounds good :) i never heard of those noodles before. mmmmm.


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