santa monica is one of LA's only beaches.
it's long, it's big, it's got lots of sand and lots of birdies.
it also has lots of PEOPLE. which means it's prime time
to people watch and grab a bite to eat on the pier. 
with street musicians, artists, food, entertainment and even rides
you are bound to keep busy at the santa monica pier. 

hubby and i  took an evening stroll during sunset, and had a picnic right there on the beach.
the sand is cold, which is hard to get used to, but nothing is quite as special 
as sand between your toesies and an ocean to look out at. 
life is so beautiful - don't you agree?

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6 comments on SANTA MONICA PIER

  1. this is high on my list of places to come and visit!! looks gorgeous.

  2. The Santa Monica Pier is one of my favorite places! I was in Los Angeles in October and it was on the top of my priority list!


  3. yes i agree! that place looks gorgeous!

  4. You captured Santa Monica beautifully and what a GORGEOUS your little winter hat too! Sounds like the perfect evening with your hubby!

    Liesl :)


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