So as you know, I (Megan) am planning my trip with my husband to fancy pantsy Europe! 
Now I have to face the big question, "What should I pack for my winter trip to Paris?" 
The French are fashion forward and I want to feel cute and comfortable! 
So before I eat my way into oblivion standing under the Eiffel Tower, 
I have come up with a trendy winter packing list. 
Hat: Forever 21, Sweater: Forever 21, Shirt: PacSun, Jeans: Volcom, Booties: Indigo

1. Autumn hues and neutrals are key for layering- don't pack too many outfits 
2. 2-3 pairs of shoes- ballet flats, loafers or trendy sneaker, riding boots or short wedge bootie 
3. Bottoms- dark slim-fit skinny jean, loose fitting pants, leggings, and tights 
4. Tops- long sleeved shirt, turtle neck, button up, plaid flannel, cozy sweater, boyfriend blazer
5. Outerwear- a good coat, leather jacket, light rain coat or umbrella
6. Dressy- waistless dress or knee-length skirt to pair with your flats or boots
7. Accessories- mix and match scarves, belts, gloves, sunglasses
8. Other- thick socks, undies, toiletries 
9. Structured bag for traveling necessities like camera, lap top, etc. 
10. Hats- beret and wide brimmed hat

Ladies, don't worry about your hair and make-up!
Embrace your inner beauty and spend more time exploring the streets of Paris.
French love the all natural look, and make-up is minimal with an emphasis on glowing skin.

Hat: Walmart, Jacket: Marshalls, Sweater: PacSun, Pants: Levis, Shoes: Fossil

1. 2 pairs of shoes- leather shoes and black trendy sneakers 
2. Bottoms- trousers and dark jeans
3. Tops- simple sweaters, button downs, flannel, long sleeved shirt
4. Outerwear- a good coat, black trench or leather jacket, light rain coat 
5. Dressy- blazer or suit jacket 
6. Accessories- cotton or cashmere scarf, belt, gloves, sunglasses 
7. Other- thick socks, undies, toiletries
8. Hats- newsboy hat and beanie
9. Adaptor for power outlets
10. Extra stuff wifey/girlfriend/partner can't fit, hehe 

Dudes, don't think you're gonna pick up French chicks
in your ragged jeans, baseball hat, and t-shirt. 
You might feel more dressed up than normal, but you'll blend in.

Happy packing and au revoir! 
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13 comments on HOW TO: PACK FOR PARIS

  1. Have fun and looking forward for your adventure post from Paris, and see too how you wil wear your packing list items

  2. If you have time, you should check out Toulouse too! It is super cute and full of young people as it is a college town! Love the stylish hat

  3. You two will be looking lovely there. Chase and I looked like trash. All we had were the clothes we'd been wearing in China since August (we were there in January) all layered on top of each other. I shudder when I look at my photos. But such great memories. I'm so excited for you!

  4. meg stop being so perfect. you two will look SMASHING in paris!

  5. erin, i will be in barcelona fora week! where are you?

  6. haha! I went to Paris in January 2008. Don't feel bad when you see {french} women wearing heels and looking like they came out of magazine covers. They're very organic people, and well passionate too!
    Enjoy :)

  7. Love them both! You two will have a blast, and you will be representing American fashion very well :)

  8. Love this idea of sharing what you're packing! I always, always struggle with what to pack - and I'm one of those where fashion trumps function, but I try to have my cake and eat it too. If you decide to pop by Spain, give me a shout!

  9. LOVE this post so much wow perfection!!

  10. OH MY. Just pinned the first outfit. I am so in love with it!

  11. that hat is adorable! make sure to bring comfy shoes :)

    i LOVE paris!
    xothe egg out west.

  12. Elisabeth EarnshawFebruary 8, 2012 at 9:34 PM

    That is SO exciting! I've been to paris with my best girl friend but I would love to take my new husband there ! sounds like you have the packing down - now just to enjoy the fashion, culture, and art :)

  13. Wow! You both are cutting dash in your outfits. You both look perfect to each other. I enjoyed staying by your post. Thanks for sharing.
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