The Barcelona Bomber is now available in the shop here!
Megan flies to Europe Thursday and will be gone a few weeks, 
so the shop will be closed until her return.
Tomorrow is your last day to get your goodies before Valentine's Day! 
Nudge your lovers and don't waste another minute.
Until then, we have new items in store for you
including Eiffel Tower jewelry- ooh la la!
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2 comments on BARCELONA BOMBER

  1. I've been following your blog for a couple of months now, and (as a fellow traveller) I enjoy reading every post! I'm already curious about the trip to Europe! I live in Belgium, so if you want to know something about Europe or if you'd be planning on visiting Belgium, I'd be honored to help you out! :)
    Have an amazing stay!

  2. Hi girls!!! I'm a new follower!! Your blog is amazing! :)


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