January: Happy triplets reunited in Hawaii! For real, best time ever.
February: We went to every beach on the island, remember ultimate beach day?
March: While Kylie was volunteering in Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands, Megan visited Philippines, Hong Kong and China.
April: Ky graduated with honors, and our life reunited in Hawaii came to a sad but happy end.
May: We turned 23 and took an awesome road trip to the Oregon coast for some surf surf.
June: Ky went to Peru to begin her internship and explored Machu Picchu and met some llamas.
July: Lissy scooted around the island and went on fun hikes!
August: Ky moved to Ecuador and fell in love with the people and the puppies.
September: Lissy got married and became a Bahama Mama!
October: We got festive in the kitchen during the holiday season.
November: Traveling Triplets announced our shop grand opening!

December: We counted the days until Christmas and shared a few fun videos.
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9 comments on 2011 IN REVIEW

  1. you girls and your videos are so freaking cute!!

  2. thank you! and to answer your question, please see these posts:
    good luck and have fun! let us know if you have any other questions :)

  3. You're such an inspiration, love what you do and how your personality shines through. Always makes me smile.
    I wanted to ask, how do you afford to travel around as you do? In 3 months I'm leaving with my husband to Asia to work with various NGO's, our plan is to stay as long as possible, and work along the way. Was wondering if you had any tips! :)
    PS. Also, I can't get "I want to wish you a Merry Christmas" out of my head... It's been 2 weeks now...

  4. YES it did! I loved 2011, best yr ever :) LOVE YOU KY AND MEGS!

  5. i love. i love. y'all are TOO cute! :)


  6. one thing is for sure. every month all of you were pretty and doing something cool. good work in 2011!


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