After living in South America and doing some backpacking around, I'd like to share the top 5 must see's in Peru and Ecuador (that I've been to). There are many, many more but from Traveling Triplet's experience this may help guide you to some gold mines if you're a diggin'!

1. Machu Picchu / Aguas Calientes, Peru

Love my love

If words could say it all, they just did. Just do it. Get the major deets about our trip here.

2. Baños / Baños, Ecuador

If you're like us and try every kind of adventure possible - from repelling waterfalls, biking, hiking and soaking in thermal baths to jumping off bridges, renting go-carts and buggies then you need to just get your buns to Baños asap. Fo' reals.

3. Otavalo / Otavalo, Ecuador

Carmen - Ecuadorian book bag

Girls - we like to shop. It's just what we do. Come to Otavalo and shop to your heart's desire! They have all the handicraft and homemade goods to make your heart sing. Besides, who doesn't want to buy anything off that darling little old lady on the right? Forget shopping, I'm tempted to just pocket la abuelita and take her home as my adorable souvenir (friend)!

4. Pisaq / Pisaq, Peru


Pisaq is a rad little town located outside of Cusco. You can hire a taxi or take a short bus ride up to this mountainside town. There are ancient ruins to explore, terraces galore, and another haven of shopping and good eats. It's a chill hippie town so just throw showering out the window. Fuhggitaboutit!

5. Amaru / Amaru, Peru

To all you people who want to travel but also want to EXPERIENCE THE CULTURE - the true IMMERSION - then Amaru is the place to go. You can pay to sleep in these adobe mud homes, and be hosted by some of the kindest, gentlest, most genuinely generous people known to Earth. They treat you like GOLD, they cook like KINGS, and make sure you have 800 ponchos to stay warm up in the high mountains. DO IT. Want the scoop on rural tourism? Read about our experience HERE (SERIOUSLY... click the link) - it is SO much cooler than any other kind of travel. You NEED to do it.
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5 comments on TOP 5 PERU AND ECUADOR

  1. loved this ky! i love how you write, so fun to read. cant wait to go somewhjere like this. i wanna meet gregorio!

  2. haha i love this! especially that cute old lady, id want to take her home in my pocket too! haha. thanks for sharing i hope i can do these things some day :)

  3. amura looks freaking awesome. thinking about taking my next off-season trip down to peru if i can save up enough pennies. i'll definitely be contacting you for tips! thanks so sharing, i'm bookmarking this one

    xoxo the egg out west.

  4. I would LOVE to travel around South America, but I don't speak Spanish. Can you do any of those awesome things if you are monolingual?

  5. hmm... i've only done 2/5. guess i need to get back to south america!


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