Every year there are surf competitions on the North Shore that bring the best surfers from all over the world to Oahu. Hawaii offers some of the world's best surf during the winter months.
The most well known competition is the Vans Triple Crown referring to the three separate competitions held in Haleiwa, Sunset, and Pipe. From November 12-23 there is the Reef Hawaiian Pro competition held in Haleiwa. The Vans World Cup is held November 25-December 6 at Sunset beach. And the Billabong Pipe Masters is December 8-20 at Pipeline Beach. Each competition has a waiting period in which they compete on days the waves are good. Also anytime between December and February is the waiting period to hold the Quicksilver Eddie Aikau at Waimea, where the waves must top 40 ft faces in order to be held. Pretty rad. Winter is definitely a great time to visit Hawaii.
 It's so fun watching the pros and the cool thing, surf competitions are free! And you get lots of free stuff like energy drinks, shirts, hats, water bottles, stickers, bags, you name it! So next time your in Hawaii and you see the tents and stands set up, don't forget to stop by!

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  1. em icecreamconelifeFebruary 8, 2012 at 9:35 PM

    yay for surf comps! so fun, I would love to go to Pipe!


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