Destination: Montañita and Canoa / Accomodation: $8 per person / Transportation: $10 bus from Quito

Although my visit to the coast of Ecuador was during the off season when the weather is gray, gloomy, cloudy, wet and chilly it was still worth seeing. Montañita and Canoa are the most popular beach destinations in the country, and with beach bungalows along the beach and bebidos up the yoo-hoo you are bound to find some "me" time relaxing in hammocks and sipping drinks. Despite the fact that they're both beach destinations, there is more than just surfing and swimming and playing in the ocean! 

If you're looking for some hopping clubs, dancing, loud music and a serious fill of hippie-dom then you need to go to Montañita. Montañita has a huge variety of restaurants and is said to have the best food in Ecuador all in one place. It won't let you down! 

Canoa is for those of you who are looking for some peace and quiet. Things are slower pace here, and there are less people milling through so you can find yourself a nice little pocket on the beach all to yourself. Morning walks on the beach are always rewarding when there is no one in sight. 
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3 comments on LA COSTA DE ECUADOR

  1. So beautiful! Pretty much any beach or ocean is beautiful to me regardless of the weather! :)

  2. beautiful ky.

  3. These are gorgeous shots! Love that beach. It looks so peaceful and not too many people :)


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