remember this day in china? 
i was real excited to see the copy cat eiffel tower then,
and now i'm even more excited to see the real one in february.
megan has booked her tickets to europe.
spain and france, here i come!

we have dreamed about going to france since we were little girls.
our me'me' is from france, our mama is half french, and we are a quarter french.
i think it's about time to visit our roots and get to know our sexy french cousins.

until the three of us can plan our sister trip to france,
i will gladly make our dreams come true.
i will eat lots of chocolate crepes, ride a bicycle with a baguette in the basket, 
visit family, and take a picture by the eiffel tower in a really cute dress.
it's gonna be amazing!
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5 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. you will love it! paris is one of the most amazing, pretty and cool cities out there!! enjoy every minute you are there! (and the other two should be soooooooooo jealous!! :))

  2. Hey I'm a quarter French too! Cool blog - now I'm in the mood to go some where!

  3. Sounds perfect. Enjoy! x

  4. Have fun in France and spain! Both of those countries are on my bucket list.



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