The winters in Hawaii tend to be rainy so Chase and I went in search for sun by driving to the South side of the island where its more consistently sunny. We live on the east side and it tends to be the most windy and rainy, but gets the best waves. As we got to the South side we decided to stop at this lovely little nook in a cove commonly referred to as the Blowhole. It is near Makapuu and a fun little spot where many tourists like to take pictures.
After relaxing on the beach a little we decided to climb the rock cliffs and explore. It was fun getting to the top and seeing the view.
View from the top of the rocks into the cove. See the little cave? We explored in there a little bit too.
And here is the Blowhole. Unfortunately the water wasn't spitting out very much but it is where that little mound of rocks is in the middle of the picture. Pretty awesome when it shoots out a lot of water. Chase and I love this side of the island for a little escape and change of pace. 
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  1. of course! please check out our posts with our top recommendations:

  2. I hope you guys check your comments, but I have a question that you guys would probably give me the best answers!

    I'm going to Hawaii in a few weeks with my little 2 yr old and am looking for fun things to do on Oahu with him. Any suggestions? And, I'm definitely the outdoors-y type and am looking for some great places to hike or explore, BUT I am prego so I don't want anything long or that would be too hard! Can you guys help me please?

  3. oh that all looks gorgeous! how awesome that you have so many fantastic, different places to visit all so close to you :) And i'm not usually afraid of heights, but for some reason when I looked at the fourth photo (the view from the top of the rocks) my feet got all tingly like I was actually standing there! haha! Means it's a stellar photo though :)

  4. that side of the island is so fun! i got a sweet pic of the blow hole blowing on me while i was there, haha. and swimming in those waves are so fun because its a small space. its like being in a wave pool. did you jump off the rock too? love the pics sister!

  5. What a gorgeous view and little spot to explore!!! I am jealous :)


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