Doesn't that smile just make you all warm 'n fuzzy? Her name is Luz, and she really is a light in my life. I really miss her. When I lived in Ecuador we used to play together for hours. My sisters and I decided to give her this hat as a gift to share with her siblings and hopefully remember us by! It feels so good to give.

You should have seen how her eyes lit up! She was SO excited she shoved it on her head right away and starting running around giggling. When she rushed to show her mother, her mother immediately got a worried look on her face and tried to return it. When I explained to her that it was a gift I wanted the children to have, she was so touched she gave me a sweet shy smile and thanked me sincerely. It was such a sweet and simple moment. Who knew a hat could mean so much? I'm tipping with gratitude and love to know it's on the precious little heads of these children and this family. Our hearts are always with them.

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3 comments on A LITTLE LOVE

  1. oh i love this. so glad we gave it to her :) now that is true giving and gratitude

  2. this is so sweet ky. i'm glad she loved the hat!

  3. I love this! What a cool experience!


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