On the 4th day of Christmas
Traveling Triplets gave to YOU
traveling tips

1. Set aside 10% of your income each month to save for your dream trip - requires self control and discipline, you can totally do this and it is beyond worth it

2. Have an emergency savings account - you never know what may go wrong in this economy today and your health or safety, especially while traveling so be prepared to dabble in it when needed

3. Document your expenditures while traveling - very important to make sure you don't spend more than you earn or in this case, have saved and budgeted for your trip (use a travel size notebook)

4. Do the monetary research prior to arriving in another country to understand exchange rates - it is vital to understand the monetary system in which the country you will be visiting abides by as far as conversion factors, equality rates and numerical values (this will save you from a lot of hassle and a lot of rip offs)
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