On the 12th day of Christmas 
Traveling Triplets gave to YOU
12 destinations

1. Bahamas - for the beautiful crystal clear waters, the sun that never stops shining, and good music

2. Cambodia - for the orphanages that need your help, rice patty fields and Angkor Wat

3. China - for the most diverse food in the entire world, incredibly generous people,
and sites beyond your imagination 

4. Costa Rica - for the surf, sun, surf, sun and more surf and sun

5. Ecuador - for mountain biking, hiking and thermal baths

6. Guatemala - for the mountains, colorful textiles and markets

7. Honduras - for the wildlife, snorkeling, and jungle adventures

8. Nicaragua - for the volcanoes, colorful buildings, and beautiful sandy beaches

9. Peru - for the mountains, llamas and Machu Picchu

10. Thailand - for the food, culture and temples

11. Tuvalu - for the children, people and sea

12. Hawaii - for the gorgeous beaches, mind blowing mountains and epic water
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5 comments on 12TH DAY OF CHRISTMAS

  1. guatemala, nicaragua, and tuvalu have now been added to my bucket list!!! GORGEOUS photos, and it only showed part of them! what amazing adventures you 3 have had :)

  2. Adding the 11 places I haven't been to to my "Travel List"! :) Love the pictures of each place

  3. I had to look up Tuvalu but it seems like an incredible place! (As do the others!)

  4. I've been to none of these :( but you should visit my country(....err, tiny island*coughs*)

  5. Elisabeth EarnshawFebruary 8, 2012 at 9:36 PM

    so I've only been to two of the twelve -but they all look amazing.


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