this year for halloween me and lisa got creative. kylie has been busy repelling waterfalls and ziplining, so lisa and i dressed up twice to make up for kylie's slackin'. she is usually what we call "the christmas elf" of the family. i wouldn't be surprised if she managed to make a costume out of jungle leafs.

lisa and chase were sharks, hahahaha. it still cracks me up. they celebrated halloween all weekend long watching walking dead and eating lots of candy. then they dressed up as jocks for another party and carved pumpkins. they even ate the seeds. 

i spent the weekend with my niece harper and we went trick or treating hand in hand. she dressed as adorable little red riding hood so i threw together a last minute wolf granny costume. on halloween day, my little family dressed as a pumpkin patch. i about died of cuteness when i found jimmy's costume, so we went with it.

tomorrow i pick up our sis ky from the airport! i am so excited to see her and she will have so much to share with you about her recent adventures. hope you all had a happy halloween!
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6 comments on WE LIKE TO DRESS UP

  1. Such awesome costumes! And my husband and I totally watched Walking Dead all weekend too. I'm afraid I might start having zombie dreams though! Haha.

  2. Those shark costumes are hilarious and pretty awesome. Creative for sure!

  3. Shark costumes get a double thumbs up for sure! =)

  4. the sharks are crackin' me up! i'm still giggling over here.


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