Visit the famous beach located on the North Shore of Oahu, HI that has one of a kind beauty and a killer beach. This will always be my favorite beach, the kind you day dream about (as well as the other two Fly trips). 

A waimea day is always a good day. The beach is huge and gorgeous and the water is amazing. If you come to Oahu you MUST go to Waimea. You can lay out, jump off the famous Waimea rock, swim with turtles, swim through underwater caves, explore, climb rock walls, and simply just chill.
Go bouldering!
 This is on top of the rock wall next to the highway that overlooks Waimea. Gorgeous.
 Be daring. Do something cool! Chase never fails.
Or just lay out in the sun at one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the world.
As you can see behind us the water in the summers at Waimea is flat. You can swim around, snorkle, explore, float... you name it. But in the winters Waimea gets so huge it's gnarly, and if we're lucky Quicksilver will host the Eddie Aikau surf competition if waves top 20 ft. Look that one up here

It can get realllll big here so make sure you come at the right time of year for you. When it's huge swimming is not allowed. Life guards will openly make fun of you when you have to be saved or get stuck in a rip tide and that is hilarious, so try and avoid it. Just sit on the beach and enjoy watching the waves crash and the crazy surfers who are brave enough to take on huge waves. But in the summers it is so peaceful anyone can enjoy it.

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  1. Looks heavenly! I can't wait to go back to Hawaii, maybe Oahu next time :) You are so cute lady! :)

  2. So beautiful!


  3. oh i love hawaii with all my heart! haha.

  4. Ooooh such a pretty place! Definitely putting this beach on my Hawaii bucket list ;) PS love your bathing suit top!


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