while backpacking south america i spent some time frolicking around a gigantic crater.
can you believe this thing used to be a HUGELY ginormous volcano?!
when its top blew off, it ended up being this beautiful crater lake.
nature is really somethin', wouldn't you say?
you can hike around the crater (takes 6 hours) and if you're lucky,
the sun will come out and it will glisten teal!

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5 comments on QUILOTOA ECUADOR

  1. o my goodness best thing i have heard all day! yipee for satisfying the harpy! :)

  2. Harper really loved this video. She kept saying "More. Please more." :)

  3. hahahhaa so cool and gorgeous haha i love your excitement and cheesyness you guys are just made for each other :) i want to go on a hike at this exact crater!!!

  4. LOVE THIS! so cool and fun!

  5. I miss Ecuador! I haven't actually been to the exact place but I'm half from Ecuador and I've been there many times. Been two years since last tho. oh the busy life :/


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