As I mentioned earlier, Baños is super rad. We rented some bicycles and zoomed around (well, more like pedaled super slow to the point walking became more useful) up crazy hills and mountains in search of a conspicuous zoo. We were successful in our hunt, and although we're smiling we felt like noodles.

Destination: the Zoo / Transportation: Bicycle rentals $6 for the day / Zoo Entrance: $2 per person

I had no idea monkeys had such funny hands. I also had no idea that monkeys enjoyed eating their poop RIGHT out of their butt. I know that's gross to say out loud, but seriously? That yellow speck on Mr. Monkey's lip? YAH... straight up POOP. I watched it happen. Caught it on video. Icky - poo.

Destination: Cruising the highway / Transportation: Go-cart $10 for 1 hr / Canopy across river: $1

The go-carts were super fun. In Ecuador, apparently it's totally legal to cruise down a speeding highway next to semi trucks in these lil buggers. I will admit I feared my life at one point, when this lil guy puttered up the highway with cars racing around us. Traffic in South America is nothing like that of America - people are wild and careless and laws don't seem to have much purpose. It was super hilarious to see other tourists zooming down the highway with smiles plastered to their faces. We go-carted our way to a canopy and took a cage zipline across the river to check out some gigantic waterfalls. Only $1? Perfecto. What a great and fun-filled day. Are you convinced you should come to Baños yet? Because you should be!
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  1. banos is sweeeet. tan and i loved that place. tanner swing-bungied off of the big bridge... i was too scared to.

  2. haha thanks, sis! i wish we could do this together too! trust me when TT can take our triplet trip, we will be the happiest girls on planet earth

  3. haha i know, it's because his FOOT is up by his face. and his hands are all over the place. quite trippy looking huh.

  4. Kimberly N TriplettFebruary 8, 2012 at 9:37 PM

    quick question: why does it look like the monkey in the first picture has 3 hands?

  5. nasty monkey, hahahaha. this looks so fun!

  6. wow i want to go to banos ky! love how you wrote it, made me laugh :) i can only imagine the joy on peoples faces while cruising on those go carts haha, wish i could do that with you guys! GROSS bout the monkeys, ewwwwww haha. love you ky! cant wait to travel TOGETHER some day dang it

  7. I think only sad monkeys eat their poop. :(


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