Hey there people, tomorrow is THANKSGIVING! We all know what that means. . . EATING bunches of delicious foods. From turkey to chicken to stuffing to pie and jello, don't hold back this year! We have a plan for you that will enable to eat what you want through the holidays. But there is a catch.....


If you aren't regular already, get regular! 30 minutes a day 3 days a week is a great start and the minimum. Just work your way up. Start Friday ;) Golds Gym is here to help with some tips. They have their doors open to ANYONE for free on Friday nation wide so take advantage and begin working off that holiday weight.

Here is a quick run-down of something you can do to help start off your work out routines!

30 Minute Shred:

  • 5 minutes: Treadmill at 5 mph (A light jog to warm up your muscles and get you burning calories)
  • 15 minutes: Strength training (Good for the heart, bones, and of course muscles)
    • Leg press-3 sets of 8 at attainable but challenging weight (legs)
    • Shoulder press-3 sets of 8 at attainable but challenging weight (shoulders and back)
    • Military press-4 sets of 12 reps with 10-15 lb.dumbbells (arms)
    • Elbow planks- 3 sets for 1 minute each (abs)
  • 10 minutes: Treadmill at 6-7 mph (End with a nice aerobic activity. You can choose the bike or elliptical too, but treadmill will push you the hardest.)
DONE! And feeling much better too :)

If that isn't enough, try one of these amazing 6 workouts and alternate throughout the week. They will take over 30 minutes. Each will be around 1 hour, 30 minutes lifting and 30 minutes cardio. Golds Gym came up with these great workouts to help you lose that holiday weight or prevent it from making a difference. Each workout has a silly name to specify which part of the body the workout is intended for.

Look over this link under Turkey Day Trim Down and jot down the routine and notes on how to do it if you need direction. Better yet, print this! Sorry that it is formatted funny, Golds Gym decided to take it off their page so I had to find a weird link that only gave me text :( But something is better than nothing. 


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  1. i love this lisa! totally wanna do it. i didn't know golds was free for all friday, thats awesome!

  2. this is great, thanks for the tips lisa! that's so cool gold's gym is doing a free friday workout!


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