Traveling around South America is lots of fun. It's quite the adventure because you get to take the bus everywhere you go. In Peru you become best friends with what is known as the "combi," or an overstuffed minivan that cost less than a quarter to get around anywhere you want. In Ecuador, depending on where you're at, you stick to taxis or busses. If you're traveling a long distance, the bus is your best friend.

The nice thing about South America is the easy access to bus stations - they're everywhere. Just gotta look it up on a map, in your handy Lonely Planet, or ask around. At all bus stations there are lines and lines of busses packed and loading, waiting for their departure. Look inside the front window for the destination - they will have little signs that say where they are headed. People are also shouting at the top of their longs destinations and which bus to load onto, so be sure to tune in to the chaotic noise around you. If you don't speak Spanish, just use your eyeballs and do some reading and you'll eventually find it. It's a bit of a mad house but somehow things ALWAYS work out in Latin America.

On the other hand, you can always hitch-hike too! Just put your best looking foot forward and try to act real cute. And then have your travel companion pop out and surprise them once they pull over - be safe, and always travel with a buddy!

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To get some major South American experience, check out my friend's blog Mike & Cole and contact them for information. They traveled all over South America for 6 months and would have all the answers you could ever possibly need from hitch hiking, bus, and plane from one end of the continent to the other. Be sure to let them know Traveling Triplets sent you!
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  1. Hello..
    I have heard so much about the place that I am planing a vacation with my friends to the destination in the coming year.. I am glad I visited here and enjoyed so much..

  2. SO true about the combi and the bus systems in general. I need a travel buddy for when I go back to Peru (hopefully soon!) know anyone interested?! ;p

  3. awesome ky. you are so cute i would pick you up any day!

  4. hahaha ky i loved this. so funny. helpful too! buses down south are insane i love it!


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