TWO THINGS, today. 

1. I'm back in America. It feels oh so good to be home just in time for the holidays. 
And the Fall! Oh the Fall! So beautiful (it's been 4 years since I've seen it).

2. I have an uncanny ability to have at LEAST 7 double chins. 
Check out that last shot. Absolutely buuuuuuuuh-you-ti-full.

Even a chica flaca can have her chubby days!
Happy weekend, friends!
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8 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. wow im so jealous i wanna be there :( i love megs clothes lucky you haha! oh my heck i miss the fall so bad and the leaves and the attire. enjoy it ky. wish i were there. LOVE YOU SISSIES!

  2. Ugh. I hate having double chins! It drives me crazy when it happens to me.

  3. Elisabeth EarnshawFebruary 8, 2012 at 9:53 PM

    don't you just love fall? its the best - i'm glad you finally got to be back for it after 4 years!
    gorgeous pictures btw - love your coat :)

  4. welcome back ky!

  5. Love number 2! I'm a chica flaca too and sometimes i'm so impressed of my ability as well HAHAHA.
    Welcome back love!

  6. hahahaha you are so hilarious! these pictures are so gorgeous, it makes me want to rake up the layer of leaves covering y front yard just to jump in them! You should stop by my blog and check out my G I V E A W A Y!
    Victoria from Unlock Your World

  7. Welcome back! Do you find it strange to be home after such a big adventure? I always do!

  8. definitely. it always feels funny to be back in america again but at the same time, it's my home it's where i'm from and everything comes back like it was just yesterday.


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