So as a triplet there is one thing that just has to happen despite some selfish desires....sharing. We did a lot of that growing up and with some things still do, like this blog. We really didn't wanna be those freaky multiples that do everything alike, talk alike, dress alike, think alike, and can never be separated because that's just weird. We did our best to be individuals but in some ways it just couldn't be avoided.
And here is proof!
  • Our room: always. This may have contributed to our slight fear in the dark while alone issue.
  • Our beds: until we were older with three twin beds we had a bunk we would rotate who sleeps where and with who following a strict schedule on the calendar. 
  • Our clothes: and I mean all of them, until we all wanted our own
  • Candy: just kidding, we will NEVER share our candy
  • Food: we always copy what the other one orders and eat the same, like the same, spit out the same, you get my drift
  • Hair products: from creams to gels to hair spray to conditions to shampoo to straighteners and curly irons, it happened (even make up sometimes)
  • Birthday: i know, surprising
  • Cell phone: hilarious right! We got our first Motorolla flip phone with a green screen and no color or camera or texting when we were 17, seniors in high school. We shared it till halfway through our freshmen year of college where we each got our very OWN, oh how joyous that day was. No more other sister's boyfriends texting and always saying, "One sec, let me get her..." Ugh
  • CD's: remember those? Hah, oh the technology.
  • Sports: soccer, basketball, skiing. Ahhhh ya! I started soccer in fourth grade and Ky and Meg started basketball in fifth grade. Eventually I joined basketball and my sisters joined soccer. And we all three always have been skiers!
  • Band: yep. You read it right. We were all in band, but played different instruments. I was a drummer playing percussion and the snare. Megs was anything that was a "wind" instrument such as alto sax, tenor sax, soprano sax, bassoon, and even a little guitar and bass drum. Ky was anything "brass" like the trumpet and baritone. We were quite the sight.
  • Birthday cake: until we retaliated at the age of 18 and demanded our own cakes because we were individuals dang it, so treat us like one!
  • Boys: yep...its true; we all had a crush on Preston in kindergarten. Blonde, blue eyes, dreamy. He even ripped his shirt off once on the bus. He got in trouble. I guess we liked the wild boys! We also have all had the same guy like each of us at one point and even kissed the same boy
  • Clothes: oh how i miss this one, our closet was a gorgeous sight
  • Our car: I was deaned driver first, then Ky, then Megs and we took turns
  • Jobs: lawn mowers, painters, waitresses, ice cream scoopers, house keepers, oh ya we have had tons more jobs than this but these are just some
  • Books in college: saved us some mula
  • Friends: It's interesting because growing up in Elementary we never hung out and had all separate friends. It wasn't till middle and high school where we united forces and officially became freaky
  • Roommates: duh
  • Jewelry: always, we even trade wedding rings sometimes...ssshhhh don't tell the husbands!
  • Husbands: HAH! HECK NO!!!! EW ;) 
There are many times in life where we don't even remember whose stuff is whose or who is who! Haha just kidding we know who is who, but in pictures it can be tricky ;) On the bright side, all this freaky sharing prepared some really sharing and well prepared girls to be wifeys making each one of our transitions into marriage simple as ever. 

We are GRATEFUL every day for each other and our built in forever best friends! 
Love you Ky and Megs!!!

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14 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. oh ya, we def do that too. i was keeping that for a whole new post!! we always know what each other are thinking and what we mean and feel haha, its awesome.

  2. thank you! so happy you stopped by, we love your blog too! triplets are the best!

  3. i agree lissy, SWEET post, i love it so much :) now we def should do a post about how sharing has gone wrong... haha that'd be hilarious for next freaky friday

  4. of COURSE we remember you! i remember you clearly... glad you stopped by to say hello :) good luck to your sis - in - law, that is AWESOME!!!!

  5. Such a fun post to read! As a twin I'm definitely familiar with the whole sharing concept and oh-boy, did we share a lot back in the old days - and we still do ! Haha. One thing not on your list, which my sister and I share is the way we speak and understand words. I remember one time we were playing a game with some friends, where we had to describe a thing by few words. My sister and I were on the same team and I had to describe 'understel' - danish word for bicycle frame. I misunderstood the word and thought it was a saucer, so I describe it like that. However, my sister guessed the right word in first try! Like minds think alike ;) - it left our friends confused but amazed. I guess it's the power of close siblings. We learn to understand certain things and words the same way even though it might not be the correct way :)

  6. Okay I want the next post to be about when sharing has FAILED...that will be a great post! :)

  7. now THAT is a FABULOUS idea! freaky friday gone bad!

  8. so, i'm sure you guys don't remember me, but i was in your ward waaaaay back in the BYU-I days at Nauvoo. :) but i just had to comment and say that this is such a cute post! my sis-in-law is having triplets (2 girls and a boy!) in a few short months and this just added to my excitement of seeing those 3 grow up and hopefully become such close friends like you 3. :)

  9. lisa you are the sweetest ever and i adore you! thank you for this fun post, it was hilarious and brought back so many memories. love you and loooove being a triplet! :)

  10. Love it! Glad I found your blog, it contains two of my favorite things identical triplets and traveling, go figure : )

    Pitts Trips

  11. That was so fun to read. Makes me want to be a triplet! Love you guys!

  12. thanks chels!! :) and wow that is so great and adorable about caiden. youre a good mommy!

  13. I loved this post, Lis you are funny! I was cracking up. We are in the process of teaching Caiden about sharing. He practices with Nixon, it can be gross. But he's always offering his toys and foods to other babies.

  14. This post was great! I have a fascination for multiples and their lifestyles....hence why I follow y'all!
    ...uhh, *ahem* I mean, you guys are great individuals!


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