kylie's adventure in peru and ecuador is coming to a close. she has fulfilled her internship requirements as well as served the people there in countless ways. i have been looking through all her beautiful photos and pondering why we travel. why we take so many photos. and why we are happy.

it all comes down to one thing- the people you meet. look at these families kylie has met and captured so beautifully. she has been able to meet some incredibly talented and hard working people. people who live with very little, but live happy and fulfilling lives.

these are the faces we can turn to when life gets rough and when life is good. the people we're with, our family, and our friends. that's all that really matters. not what we do, how we dress, or where we've been. people are always more important than things.

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8 comments on WHAT MATTERS MOST

  1. THANK YOU megan. thank you for sharing from your heart and for saying exactly what i came here to ecuador to try and share with the world - real people. real lives. real love. real happy. these families have each touched my heart in so many ways, it is sad to say goodbye. no backpacking adventure ANYWHERE compares to the relationships i was able to build with families.

  2. such beautiful people!

    the egg out west.

  3. i love this sis. so true and inspiring, thank you :)

  4. This is so beautiful it brought a little tear to my eye :-) Thanks so much for sharing!

    A Sweet Release

  5. LOVE this. With every word I read I caught myself nodding my head! I'm sure it's so bitter sweet for Kylie to be on the homestretch of her time in Ecuador...but I'm grateful that she's shared her adventures in photos and stories with us :) And life truly is about the people in our lives...the relationships we build...what we gain from others, and what we give out. :)

  6. I agree it is inspiring to meet people who are so happy even though their world are so different from ours. I'm from Ecuador myself actually {or well i'm half ecuadorian / half danish} and I love both my countries. Ecuador is one of the most beautiful countries ive ever been to. Nothing in europe compares :) {I live in europe}

    xx Seph

  7. I love how you guys have pictures of the people, because you are right they are the most important!
    Victoria from Unlock Your World

  8. I love this. It's so true about other countries - people live simple lives and are so thankful for everything they have. I KNEW some of Kylie's pictures were from Peru. I've spent a few months there serving the people and loved it so so much. I always leave feeling so blessed and filled. Thanks for sharing what matters most! :)


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