meet the sanchez family.
they are from colimbuela, ecuador and live together
in a small one-bedroom home with no running
water or electricity. maria, the mother, has five children
and raises them on her own as her husband recently
abandoned the family to fend for themselves.
working with SRA to grow their own garden
has helped to put food on the table and create
family bonding activities for the kids.

everytime we visit this family, they welcome us
with open arms and puppies by the dozen.
these videos are only about one minute long each -
please do take the time to watch and share your thoughts.
if you feel so inspired to pass it along, we would be grateful.

. . . . .
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2 comments on SANCHEZ FAMILY

  1. Another beautiful video! This is a skill I wish I had. One day!

  2. that mom brought a smile to my face! You can feel her sweet spirit through your video!


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