Megan, Kylie, Lisa

When we were little girls,
we were very very very shy... which created a slight problem
for my mother, as she was hoping to score big by having us
audition for a commercial or even just a news broadcast.
We made the cut for the news - since all we had to do was sit
on a blanket with another set of triplets and waddle around.
However, this picture probably explains why our future
as identical triplet actresses was a major flop.
Bummer - could've been rico.
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5 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. Haha! This picture is hilarious and oh so cute!! :)

  2. suuper cute! who's who in this picture?

  3. lol You guys are too stinkin' adorable. but hey, if you made it big as triplet actresses (which you totally would have rocked:) you may not have met all your wonderful men! anyway, crazy how life works out. xoxo

  4. Hahaha I love that picture! So cute!


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