So one of these triplets lives in South America (me!).
But what exactly is she doing?
I know I've answered this before, and I can answer it again.
I work for The Institute for Self-Reliant Agriculture.

If you're interested in helping to improve the lives of those who live in less fortunate circumstances, then The Institute for Self-Reliant Agriculture will inspire you. Their main priority is to help families who live in rural communities throughout South America and Africa to learn how to grow their own food and feed their own families. Check out their site here to learn more.

My husband and I are the media team, and as photographers and videographers we are able to spend a lot of time on the ground talking with people and meeting their families. We discuss ways they can improve their circumstance - and teach them how they can do that on their own. We want people who are self-reliant - who are willing to help themselves. When people are able to do the work for themselves instead of simply receive charity, they are self-sufficient and more determined to help end the painful cycle of poverty. 

SRA asks people to change - they ask families to break away from traditions that have been going on in the Andean region for hundreds of years and to try new things. Change is hard. As a graduate in international cultures and conflict resolution, it is incredibly thrilling to see the struggle and process come alive. Throughout Peru and Ecuador, instead of having guinea pigs run free in the home as the ancient Incans did, we propose new ideas and methods to avoid their spread of diseases that can help to keep their children healthier longer by putting the guinea pigs outside. It's the small changes that make the biggest differences in the lives of these people. We teach them nutrition, how to cook balanced meals, and how to grow and harvest their crops continually to best benefit from its production.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can become self-reliant in growing food or help others to as well, please stop by and read our blog here. Part of my job is to keep this site up to date and help share the story of these families and the work we're doing in South America. It is a fascinating and rewarding thing to help others to help themselves, and in doing so to create real social change that can bring peace to families and communities.  People do not have to starve - they do not have to live in poverty - we just need to take action in helping to lend a hand in the slow climb up the economic ladder to help people become self-motivated, self-efficient and healthy in their lives.

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  1. hi charlotte! that sounds awesome. i was in cusco for 2 months, and when we move to peru again it will be in piura up north for 1 month. i spend most of my time in ecuador and we love it all!

  2. Hey ! that's awesome, I did some voluntary in Peru 2 years ago fo a very small NGO called Aprode Peru. And I know that they need volunteer !!! How long you're gonna stay in Peru for ? I now work for a french travel guidebook and my next destination might be Peru :)


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