Hello lovelies!  My name is Nicole from over yonder at The Neesby Lookbook
I’ve been quite entranced by the lovely Traveling Triplets and their lively adventures, 
so it’s super special to be sharing here today!
I work for a non-profit that reaches out to ministers to orphans in China, which means I’ve been back and forth several times since 2007.  Buuuut that’s not what I’m here to talk about today.  While I’m not in China, I have done lots of speaking tours around the US, advocating for the kids there.  Last November, I was super blessed that my touring took me straight across the ocean to Australia!
I was lucky enough to have some of my ticket paid for {which is half the battle right there} and was hosted by lovely Aussie folks in the Port Stephens area {north of Sydney}.  But between our plethora of speaking engagements, my touring friend and I took two days to explore Sydney.
Because my poor little pocketbook was on less than a shoestring budget {more like a spider-web-budget}, I thought I would share with you the adventures we found for that price. 
You ready?!  Set. Go!
First of all, you must know that there is a street near the Youth Hostel that has the most lovely street market.  They have delicious sandwiches and breads and sausages that will make your mouth water.  These items tend to be a little pricey, so take some money for splurging on Sydney street food!
The youth hostel at Sydney Harbor, The Rocks is a brand spankity new building where we rented a four girls’ shared room for around $45 for the night.  The rooftop terrace overlooks the Sydney Harbor and Opera House.  The rooms were was super clean and comfortable.

We spent lots of time walking around the area known as The Rocks.  There are plenty of shops for visiting as well as the entire harbor which begs exploring.  There are paid tours of the Sydney Opera House, but we opted for the astounding walk around the massive building and walking up the steps as far as we could go for free!  Another little adventure was a cheap bus ride that took us to Chinatown where we explored chinese shops and grocery markets.  There were several small stores in Chinatown that sold very cheap Australian souvenirs such as tee shirts, hats and key chains.

The best $6.60 I spent the entire trip was on a ferry ticket from The Rocks to Manly Wharf. The boat took us on a nice 45 minute ride to a sleepy little wharf known as Manly. 
Not only did we enjoy sunshine and seagulls, but live music on the streets, surf shops, and a gorgeous beach.  And for about $10 we were able to enjoy a lunch of the famous Australian kabobs. 
There were also nice paths for walking along the craggy coast and we were lucky enough to observe the adorable Aussie kids taking part in mandatory surf school.  Lucky little darlings.   
And last but definately NOT least, don’t forget to enjoy the city at night.  With the lights from the Opera House, the tall buildings and a little carnival all the way across the Harbor, you will be glowing inside from all the beauty this one corner of the city has to offer!
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  1. I would LOVE to go to Australia! looks amazing!! :) and Nicole, you are so cute :)

  2. hey lovlies! i'm a new fan:) came over from this girl's blog you're featuring right here... nicole!
    i'm happy to be following along:)
    xo, mem


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